Spring Cleaning: Busy Toys

It's easy to tell which brands I like, or rather, which brands the dogs like, that have held up, primarily Kong, Premier, and Everlasting tend to have survived over the last 5 years with 9-10 dogs using them in that time. Guessing from the murky water, they were due for a scrub, which I aim for after every 3rd or 4th use depending on what was in them. I used a scented bleach soak of 3/4 cup per gallon and left them to stew for about an hour while I washed beds.

5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Busy Toys

  1. I store those I'm not using in an ant proof air tight vittles vault, and those in the current toy rotation are kept in the dog drawer or filled with peanut butter in the freezer.

  2. whoa! serious collection right there.what kind of ant proof, air tight vittles vault do you use? I'm looking for one. having three medium bags of acana opened at one time has its disadvantages!

  3. I love your toy collection Kong, Oremier are my favorite too need to try everlasting too and few other toys..Saya and Bella loves the orange treat ball and kong wobbler.

  4. That was about half the "busy" food related toy collection. It's shocking a bit to see so many piled up.@Jen, I can fit those I am not currently using, pretty much most of those shown, into a Vittles Vault 15. Like you, I have multiple open bags of Acana. I went to the feed store and got several large feed bins which are basically just aluminum garbage cans, and that keeps things safe. If you only have medium bags, you could probably get by with a big rubbermaid.

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