5 Chubby Shibas

Is it just me, or is the camera making these Shiba kids look enormously overweight? Maybe it's just that the bonafied skinny dogs Ike and Farrah are surrounded by a wall of curly tailed lardies? Fyi, Ike and Farrah are not speutered so I am thinking there is a correlation there as well. Regardless, they always seem to look heavier when they have good coat, like the three, ahem, beefy Shibas. If you're wondering, they are all eating Honest Kitchen after a long day of frolicking in the pasture.

5 thoughts on “5 Chubby Shibas

  1. Beefy Shibas… That's funny. How do all those Shibas get along during meal time? Looks like they don't really mind being around other dogs. Conker would be trying to dictate everyone's bowls. He's gotten better about it but he's still quite aggressive when it comes to his own food.

  2. Well, as you can tell I'm standing there just in case. This is good for them to do in a group so they get the idea that they all must get along and I don't put up with any lip curling from this group. They are also mostly rlated and at least three of them have the very chill, cool customer Taro as a grandparent, so that helps. That said, there is one Shiba in our group who is not pictured who I would never do this with. He is very resource guardy and reactive around any food, but he is learning, still a very you g dog and his owner is very diligent and really on top of that particular issue, so none of us would try this with him since we want him to succeed. The key is that the other dogs need to learn to respect the others space, which they have been taught from the beginning. This is the one of the biggest challenges I am finding, in group running dogs. I want them all to be a clam group and respectful of each other because I hate having to separate them.

  3. Lol…"clam"….yeah there have been some I would have appreciated being more clam like -"grin". About the space issue I would say each may have a different range for their space bubble in regard to food..some require more room than others. That larger than life attitude is more expanded in some animals than other. As far as weight opinion… A Shiba with full thick coat can fool a lot of people. Also the build of the dog as far as general structure/bone density of the line and age will vary how the weight is distributed on the individual dog itself. One has to really know their dog and how they carry it. I know vets who misdiagnose weight on some dogs because of hair/undercoat and their unfamiliarity with the breed. In fact there are a few rescues that have been extremely underweight and the hair fooled people into thinking the animal was ok when it was not.

  4. i always think my kitsu is rather beefy, but then he blows his coat and I realize that he just has a super thick mossy type coat covered in slightly longer than normal guard hairs. so in reality all his 24lbs are right on the mark, fur not included. tsuki is perpetually sleek. about the space-while-eating thing: i find it hard with multiple adult dogs only when i'm integrating them and only when i'm giving them something novel in a bowl. so each time they get a chicken neck they get it outside of a bowl and at the same time every day. It's not a novelty anymore and my problem dog (always kitsu) doesn't seem to think the other dogs are getting something better. so the same goes for the acana that is always out and always plentiful so its never a new thing that kitsu is worried about keeping tabs on.

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