The CGC is not a Title

Great post by “Dog Show Newbie” on titles. AKC is coming up with all kinds of programs to keep the general public interested in spending money. A CGC is hard enough to earn with a Shiba or a CO, and it’s expensive. I have paid over a $100 per dog on 6-8 week classes (for 4 dogs so far), including all the outside proofing and socializing, nursing home visits, trips to the hard ware store and other dog friendly events, etc. After all that work, make it a title already! The CGC certificate does not certify temperament I realize, but it does indicate to me that the owner is willing to put the time into socializing a dog, is willing to learn about responsible dog ownership, and is helping the dog to be well behaved in public. Can’t say that about a Grand Championship title. Well, I consider it an achievement if AKC does not, especially for these 2 breeds, so I am declaring it on their individual pages even though I realize it is not an official title.

2 thoughts on “The CGC is not a Title

  1. i agree! the cgc (and therapy dog designation) means more and speaks more to your commitment to the individual dog & their temperament than the grand champion does. how many breeder dogs have cgc, do you think?

  2. Don't get me wrong, dog shows and handling classes take a good deal of effort. If doing it the right way were so easy, I would already have championships on my dogs. It means more to me that I am showing my dogs myself and working with ethical breeders, so if it takes me 10 years to finish a dog, so be it. I am more proud of their CGCs and performance titles at this point than their points, since AKC is practically giving away championship titles to undeserving dogs and unethical breeders.Mary Hager (Kishi Shiba, Rowdy Rover blog) has CGC and performance/therapy titles on her dogs, and I know San Jo has some CGC and therapy titled dogs. There are some breeders back east who do CGC and performance work too. The problem I have is that AKC doesnt make it easy to find stats on CGC certificates issued by breed. There are probably other breeders here and there who also do this with their dogs, but not as many as I would like. So many of their dogs temperaments are nice to begin with, and calm and polite, that taking the CGC may not really be worth it.

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