Fit Paws and My Favorite Pet Supply Stores

My guilty pleasure lately has been online shopping at dog supply companies. I’m not looking for generic things, my interests are leaning towards specialty items with time and experience. When I was supporting 1-2 dogs and myself only, money was no object and with lack of know-how, I spent wildy and in excess. As a consequence, I have cupboards and shelves full of dog supplies that are basically useless and turned out not to be good purchases. It’s always a bit iffy buying online, but over time, I have learned to be a smarter shopper for my discriminating canines.

Today I got in my first order from Clean Run. This is an online company dedicated to the performance hound, with a heavy focus on excellent training materials and sporting/training equipment. From left to rightish, there are Ice Pods for the up comming summer shows, a book on building Agility equipment, The Focused Puppy, Puppy Sounds for conditioning working and show puppies :), the DVD Calming Signals, Fit Paws for all the dogs (which Farrah was trying to steal for herself), and a Balance Pod for Beebe’s conditioning and new babies 🙂 The nobby textures on these last two items and wobbly undersides will help puppies mental development and confidence on uneven surfaces I believe.

 Pay special attention to the Fit Paws label and you will see why I HAD TO HAVE THIS!

4 thoughts on “Fit Paws and My Favorite Pet Supply Stores

  1. Reminds me a little of massage rock paths… In Taiwan large sections of public parks have smoothed down, bumpy stones so you could tread across in bare feet and massage your soles. But Bowdu's confidence in ANY part of the great outdoors was shot — putting him on those surfaces wouldn't have helped in any way.

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