Happy Fourth!

Ike is patriotic red, white and blue while he sleeps off his 4th of July hangover. Happy and safe 4th to all my Shiba friends and their people. Keep those doggies cool indoors or where it is quiet, with collars and some radio or a touch of ace, benadryl or Rescue Remedy to help them help you enjoy the holiday.

3 thoughts on “Happy Fourth!

  1. This picture will be stored in my "all-time favorite dog photos" file.(It's really an esoteric reason and hard to explain, but in a nutshell: Minimalist artist Agnes Martin made paintings of horizontal stripes, which I once I understood Minimalism, gave me a love of looking at the blinds. The blinds always remind me of her paintings… add in Ike and it's simple beauty at its finest. Many thanks.)

  2. Lindsay, I don't want to commandeer the comments section to talk about art- but to clarify a bit on a huge topic- Ms. Martin is often grouped with the Abstract Expressionists too, though I still think of her as more Minimalist. (For whatever that's worth… not a whole lot.) Thanks again for the lovely photo!

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