Can Shiba Inu be Therapy Dogs?

Here’s one (this is for Inubaka), a Cream Shiba Inu therapy dog.

I think most Shibas will find therapy work a bit taxing and not really their style, but that is certainly not to say that there are not Shibas who will enjoy and excell at therapy work. I think good breeding also has a lot to do with it as most are aware that temperament and steady nerves are inherited. I see so many good things in Shibas, not just mine, that I can’t help but to applaud quietly whenever I see one “working” outside the box and taking on a non traditional role for the breed, like Flyball and Pet Therapy.

Farrah is about 10 months old in this photo. She was doing her 4th nursing home visit and you can tell by her blurry wagging tail, that she is quite thrilled to meet people where ever she goes. Who knows, maybe some day when she is a big girl she can join the ranks of other non-traditional Shibas and become a real therapy dog 🙂

4 thoughts on “Can Shiba Inu be Therapy Dogs?

  1. so so cool!the only shiba i've personally met that would excel at therapy work is Hanzo! He LOVES all people and is content to be held for long periods of time. But he'd probably not pass the certification test since he can react to other dogs. And Tsuki has her CGC but she's petrified of walkers so we have that to work on.YAY FARRAH!Do you think shiba therapy dog candidates have to have a certain type of known temperament in their lines to succeed at this?

  2. *I did read your post where you mentioned temperament by the way 🙂 Just wondered if you thought having seen proof of that temperament in the lines helped if molding a therapy dog was your goal.

  3. A certain type of temperament will surely help the dog thru the training, but I don't think the dog needs to have any special sort of breeding behind it to succeed in therapy work (like having champion parents or temperament testing etc). We all know there are so many wonderful rescue dogs and mixes who go on to be great workers. Farrah is still young and outgoing, but that may change as she ages. She doesn't like being left behind so right now her stays are really bad and she whines if I walk out of a room without her when we are away from home. She loves people and other dogs, so I am hopeful. Hanzo sounds like a really wonderful companion who could easily brighten someones day.@Taro, the only therapy dogs I know of (casual and certified) in my area come from one breeders lines.

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