Seattle Area Shiba Inu Needs Adoption

Check out this poor little guy, Fred, who is in need of a permanent home. SPDR is working with him and a potential foster family. If you are interested in adopting Fred, please contact the number in the ad (Everett Animal Shelter, Everett, WA (425)257-6000)

I know he looks like a hyena right now, but he is completing treatment and is not contagious, and really needs to get out of the shelter and into a peaceful home to help speed up his healing.

“Fred is an adult Shiba Inu who came into the shelter suffering from sarcoptic mange. He has since been treated and is on the road to recovery and is currently being treated for a secondary skin infection. His hair should grow back. Fred is a well behaved and polite dog who is smart and clever. This spunky guy knows sit, down, and walks very well on leash. Shiba Inus are tough little dogs, who have a somewhat unique and charming personality. Shiba Inus are generally confident, head-strong dogs who can be stubborn and strong-willed, and are described as having a strong temperament. Due to this, Shiba Inu owners need to be dedicated to providing consistent, firm, but gentle training, and willing provide plenty of exercise. Shibas can be energetic dogs, who require a decent amount of daily physical and mental exercise to keep them entertained. Fred will need a home with no children under the age of 12, and adopters with cats should be cautious and provide very strict supervision as Shiba Inus have high prey drives.”

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