Farrah’s Big Day (Show Win Brag!)

Farrah (San Jo Lillith Fair), made her AKC debut in Puyallup this weekend. As she is a 9 month old puppy and this is her first show, I didn’t expect an outstanding performance. My goals for her were for her to have fun, pay attention to me, and mind her manners. Boy was I thrilled when Judge John Madieros awarded her Winner’s Bitch on her second day for a 5pt Major! Woot! The weekly handling lessons and classes are paying off. Early socializing is such a huge deal with this breed and can help make happy, confident dogs that are enjoyable to take anywhere. Good girl Farrah.

Just starting to drop her gorgeous puppy coat

Blurry shot of her awesome reach

The Judge loved her movement and front and asked to see her
go around several times, really studying her

Head shed and false eyebrows!

She has a toosh like her mommy, Lillith

She had a great time

Tail drop on the table is ok, it comes right up as soon she is baited

5 thoughts on “Farrah’s Big Day (Show Win Brag!)

  1. Thank you! She is sook foof right now. I made the novice error of bathing and blow drying her the day of the show. It looked she stuck her finger in a light socket.

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