Wrestling Doggies

Firstly, Farrah really likes her new Puppy Pull toy. She has a good deal of play/prey/toy drive, which is why I was so happy to have a puppy from her breeding. I want to encourage her tug affinity for training reasons, so this was a good purchase for her. I consider this one of those “environmental enrichment” activities that helps to create happy dogs. She doesn’t seem to want to play with it unless she has an audience (she’s a total ham), so I will spice it up a bit with some of the leftover calf hide.

Last video, is Grym and Ike wrestling. There are 2 points where Ike doesn’t appreciate Grym’s rough-housing style, and you can hear him “discipline” Grym briefly by the change in his snark tone. Grym, good boy that he is, instantly backs off, giving some nice appeasing behaviors, and the play resumes. You can also see Ike wagging his tail with enjoyment and handicapping himself. He is really inviting the play, which is cute, considering he is definately the head cheese among the dogs and my little Silver Back, the gentle patriarch.

Tell me what you think!

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