Farrah’s First Hunt

Firstly, this was such a pretty little batch of eggs I had to take a photo of them for comparison. The dark red egg is from one of the Cuckoo Marans. Cool huh?

 Now here is a little Farrah brag:

The rain has flushed some worms to the surface and the moles are going to town. The four shibas have been stalking the little mole habitrails which are now only inches below the duff layer where the worms are. They flushed one to the surface and Farrah took the honors, making this her official first hunt. She really wanted to eat it, but I wasn’t sure if it had been poisoned or not, so no mole meal for her this time. She is such a little prey drivey stalker/huntress which I love. What a good girl!

2 thoughts on “Farrah’s First Hunt

  1. Good girl Farrah! It's kind of neat to see a dog do what it is bred to do without having to be trained. Sami is my supreme huntress. Miko hasn't caught anything yet, but I'm sure her day will come. Sami has 2 Voles and 2 Moles to her credit.The 2 voles she got on the same night. I had her out in the field behind our house after dark and she pounced on the 1st one. It let out this shrill little scream and freaked me out. I pulled her away and used the tiny flashlight on my keychain to see what it was. So, I took her to the other side of the field and darn if she didn't get a 2nd one.There is an area at the park that I call mole central. The ground is really weird to walk on there are so many tunnels. Miko went over to sniff at one of the tunnels and Sami went over to see what she was doing and the next thing I knew, she shoved her nose into the ground and plucked out the mole. Again I freaked out and told her to drop it, which she did. A couple days later, she caught her 2nd mole in the same fashion and this time she was not giving it up. We had to continue our walk and she was just prancing along with this mole squirming in her mouth. I finally found a neighbor guy to help me get it away from her.Oh, and she did catch a toad last year, but she found out the hard way you don't want to mess with those, but I'm sure she will if she gets the chance. LOLAnd, I almost forgot to say that those are some really pretty eggs!

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