Shiba Playdate

Recap of the play date last weekend with friend Pam, and her Penny and Eli. After a good romp, we all went to the Puyallup Farmer’s Market for a nice walk. I scored some apples for 10c a pound, which went to the chickens and bunnies. Fun times for all.

Ike: Please can I go inside, I just want to eat look at them.
Penny and Eli
Eli checks out the chickens and junk pile
I dropped an egg accidently on purpose
Blurry Grym tail, but check out the look on Ike’s face as he
guards his prize egg
Poofy puppy buns!
Finally a group photo. Woot!

2 thoughts on “Shiba Playdate

  1. you do NOT need doggy daycare 🙂 I love Ike's "leggo my eggo" face. Do any of the shibas try to nip at the chickens through the wire fence?

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