Shiba Hobbies

Old favorite hobby: Chicken Watching

Even older favorite hobby: Quail Watching

New favorite hobby that is so much fun Inus have to wake Mom up in the middle of the night with “roo roo roo” and “eee eee eee” which sounds like the noises they make when they REALLY have to go, really badly, but then they don’t because they just wanted to sprint like crazy dogs to the pasture to enjoy this wonderful new hobby:  Rabbit Watching

Spot the Inu

We’re hunting wabbits

More bunny watching (Mopsy in hutch)

 Introducing Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail (it’s been done, I know). I decided before I invest a lot in real rabbitry and keeping production backyard meat bred rabbits, I ought to try with some generic bunnies to see if I can keep these alive. The large meat breeds like the white New Zealand, can overheat easily, and given that they are so large and so domesticated with 0 survival instinct, that practically guarantees a life in a cage. I’m not a big fan of keeping things in cages, which is why I no longer have domestic quail. I think it will be charming to release some wild quail eventually however, but no more domestic birds unless I can devise a way to let them range while keeping them safe from predators.

That said, I’m sure you can see that these bunnies are in a hutch, with a covered run. That’s for their safety (the Inus), of which they lack any instinctual fear. They get grass time in the mornings in an ex pen, or fresh veg, whichever I have time for. Eventually, if they make it thru summer, I would like to cover my chicken run and release them into the coop. I’m pretty sure they will still be killed or escape. Domestic rabbits are really at a total disadvantage when it comes to survival, and I think there are hardier, easier to keep smallstock that are just as useful for meat or charm and less work to maintain. Anyways, these bunnies will not (intentionally) become food. I like them too much and they are very sweet.  

3 thoughts on “Shiba Hobbies

  1. my inner 5yr old just screeched "BUNNIES"!best of luck with them. Hachi's owner has a lionhead rabbit that lives in a hutch. I wish he had more space, or better flooring but what do I know. I'd love to see your creative solution to safety and space freedom, since someday my inner 5yr old is going to win and get that bunny.

  2. Funny hobbies and interesting description of the domestic rabbit scenario! Thanks.(especially like the description of midnight requests for rabbit watching- happens here too sometimes but for coyote barkfests)

  3. Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail were rehomed last year with a family and children 🙂 Non the worse for wear. I love rabbits, they are very sweet and charming. My favorite book in fact, is Watership Down. However, it’s too great a risk with the inus and I don’t want any bunnies harmed.

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