Spring Cleaning: Bowls for Inus

Spring cleaning time for Inus. I have been organizing their gear, getting rid of stuff they don’t use. After counting more than 30 dishes, I realize I am opting for function over looks. I like buying the stainless steel bowls these days for ease of cleaning. The cute little kitty size decorated ceramic bowls just aren’t practical any longer, although their water bowls are ceramic so they don’t dump them. I don’t buy plastic bowls either, and other than water dishes, I don’t leave bowls out past their feeding times.

For puppies, I am using the shallow puppy pans. For the adult Shibas, I buy the 1 qt stainless bowls with flat bottoms. Beebe, who is a horker, gets the eat-slow bowl (pictured on your far right). I use crate pails (also on your far right) for overnight in expens and traveling.

Worst purchases: fancy (expensive) ceramic bowls that I drop and break the same day, bowls with detachable rubber rings on the bottom that Grym ends up chewing, anything plastic which gives the dogs acne, and cat or 1/2 qt size bowls which Farrah likes to carry around and chew. I feed twice a day and wash bowls in hot soapy water after each use.

Upcomming spring cleaning posts: collars, leashes, toys, treats, beds and crates. I will go over what I have used, what works, and what were some big wastes of dollars.

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Bowls for Inus

  1. *laugh* Wow! What a collection!And here Bowdu's been eating and drinking out of the same bowls he's had since he was a puppy… Actually, that's a lie. Bowpi's got those now, and Bowdu has another pair, but they're almost exactly the same. Plain ol' stainless steel. They don't regard them as toys and seem to leave them alone.

  2. we're all stainless steel here, too. I have the rubber lined bottoms for the waterbowls (non-skid).Is that were acne comes from? plastic? Kiba has a pimple on his bottom lip, he eats his canned food out of a plastic dish. hmm!

  3. @shibasenji- stainless is very sensible for multiple dogs. @Jen- That's where Ike's acne is too. I forgot I put out a plastic water bowl for the rescue dog (who got adopted!!!) and Ike did drank out of it. Maybe that's it. I guess palstic is harder to clean and bacteria colonize it more easily than stainless. A lot of plastics have nasty chemicals in them too, but I don't know if they realistically affect the skin when they drink it.

  4. YAY for rescue dog's adoption!I put the plastic bowl (its a human bowl that I just put left over soup in for Kiba for 2 days) away and his acne is already clearing up. weird.

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