5 thoughts on “Inus at the Beach

  1. Thanks, they had a blast. Beebe and Ike drug leashes (it's a really safe area to do so). Farrah thought it was great sport to chase the dragging leads. She likes to walk the other dogs, so I guess that can be considered a form of recall, but I didn't want to test it away from home since she also has super high prey drive and there were birds everywhere.

  2. Great pictures! Just Love low tide since all sorts of cool things like shells etc show up : ) What type of lead is on Farrah? Is it a slip that goes into a martingale collar?

  3. @ FuzzyShe is wearing a Premier martingale, the smallest width they make so it stays high up on her neck and doesn't leave a fur dent. I don't walk her on it (it isn't attached to a leash), it's only function is so she doesn't slip her tags.I like to use Mendota British style slip leads, which are my kennel leads of choice: (http://www.mendotaproducts.com/sliplead_comp.html). I have one of the Dog Walker leads with the built in martingale, but the slip lead is more reliable and suitable for brief potty walks at shows, which is what she's wearing. They are expensive though, so I'm collecting them as I go. It was a short walk down to the beach, but for longer walks they wear Ruffwear harnesses.

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