Flyball News and Pack Updates

Exciting news from the pack: Beebe and Farrah made the long journey north to Canada in our brand new SUV to participate in the Seattle Flydogs flyball tournament in Cloverdale, BC. Beebe was a champ. I can not complain in any way about her performance. She averaged just under 7 seconds for each run, and ran about 30 races thru the day which is a lot of hard sprinting for a small dog. It is a team sport, so although her individual performance was outstanding (only 2 incompletes), the team was not awarded as many points as there were new dogs running and with that went quite a few overall no-scores. As a team, we aim to always get a time, but some newer dogs like to skip jumps or interfere. Oh well, better luck next time 🙂

Not exactly speed racer, but I am going to take the tortoise and hare approach here. She is accurate and reliable, so the speed will come later. We get no points for incomplete runs or fouls, so I would rather have a slower time than no time. She is 9th in breed rankings for points, and is in third place for points in active dogs (not retired or inactive). She seems to really enjoy it, and was thrilled to work for a brand new pen light. She got a long rub down and massage when we got home, and ate like a champ too.

Farrah had a blast. I bought a new fur tug and she went to town with it while ringside. She was not bothered by the crowd or noise at all, loved all the attention and new dogs, and did some dead ball retrieves for the tug. I have really high hopes for her in this sport, and she is a real speed demon, much faster than Beebe so I hope she turns out.

The boys stayed home with Grandma while the girls were away. They are all much quieter and comradely when the girls are out.

Grym is SOOO good with our new fellow, and they are the same goofy age which is entertaining to watch. The new lad has become Grym’s personal cleaner fish and just loves to wash his face for him.

They all get along really well. It makes management much easier, so I am grateful to their respective breeders for sending me some nice temperaments and great dogs in general to work with.

5 thoughts on “Flyball News and Pack Updates

  1. Beebe for the win! She sounds like an amazing little worker. For a shiba, too! nice.How do you determine a dog has the potential for flyball? I guess Ike isn't as keen as Farrah seems to be?And yay for the new guy.

  2. Thanks all, Beebe is a good girl (mostly). I was talking with the breeder about drive in dogs. It's there or it isn't, and when a dog doesn't have strong ball drive (Ike), then training can only go so far. He retrieves, at home, but not under pressure and he has the most gentle bite. He does have excellent prey drive however.Farrah's sire has strong prey/working drive, so that was something I really wanted in a pup. The training will really help condition it since she was born with good prey/ball drive. She is also super mouthy and "game" for games, like Beebe. Training goes a long ways, but it's way easier starting out with a natural. Flyball evals test the dogs' desire to pick up a dead ball, and their ability to retrieve a moving ball. After that comes play drive and the love of the tug game. Training helps with good recall, reliable with commands, speed, etc. Aside from being physically fit, those are the best things to predict potential in a dog.

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