8 thoughts on “No More Anonymous Comments

  1. I kinda love those comments, or the ones that call my critical thinking skills into question. Fun stuff like that. It spices up the boring days.

  2. Opinions and bum-holes, but I should feel special I guess that there are a few creatures out there who want to waste their time hating something on the internet.

  3. Awww, my blog isn't big enough to get trolled.I gotta say though, I really like WordPress comment moderation.Don't think too much about comments like that. It took some nitwit all of 2 seconds to fart that out.

  4. There's a couple mentally unstable breeder trolls and their 1 or 2 horn blowers who like to rattle about here every now and then, but they should know that a lot of pet people read this and the pen is mightier…I am wondering about switching, there are features on blogger that I would like to add but can't figure out how. I want to add a tab with a link to a photo and bio of each dog, and would like a place to put more info about what I do, plans for breeding, background etc. The text limits are too small with the current tabs. Maybe time to launch my own webpage.

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