Brushwood Dogs

“We are hunting wabbits.”
Hmmm, why is it that Shiba Inu are sometimes called the Little Brushwood Dog? 
Thankfully, everyone has nice white plumage so mom can see them better when they explore, even Grym the honorary Shiba.
I have been clearing debris like a mad woman with the intent to keep them safe from being poked by sharp sticks, or eaten by lurking raccoons. Instead, all of the country critters and their extended families have decided to move in to the giant brush pile that has resulted from the clearing.
She’s in there, somewhere.
And the dogs just think that’s swell.
Ike’s bleached bottom

Ike is hunting
As long as I don’t catch any giant talking rats named Nicodemus stealing my electricity, I think a wood chipper rental can wait until sometime this summer. To conclude, a shot of Grym, wisely enjoying the groomed portion of the property.

4 thoughts on “Brushwood Dogs

  1. rats of nihm! nice. now, see, this is the reason why I think a cream shiba is so practical… you can see them in everything but deep snow!

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