The Sugar Shack

Farrah’s first season is over with thank Dog, and her virtue remains intact. Ike was incredibly protective and watchfull of her, and never let her out of his sight, even to eat, for about 3 days during her receptive period. He guarded her so closely, I found him curled up on the linoleum in the middle of the night shivering but refusing to go sleep in his dog bed which was across the room. To drive the point home to me, when I came back in from folding fresh from the dryer dog blankets, I saw this:

Ike guards the Sugar Shack

I caved, and moved his dog bed next to hers. Does this mean I’m an enabler? He crawled in right away.

“It’s like there’s a wall between us.” 

 He stayed like that for three days, and would only eat if it was where he could see her at the same time. I think he really likes her 🙂 

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