New Projects for Naughty Shibas

We struck a deal with some fence guys to start work in the back yard. They will build a double gate entry (grins), and run a new pass of 6 foot cedar down to the back of the property line in the area where the coyote are comming in and where Grym is testing to get to them. I will reuse the horse fence and keep it to line the inside of the wood to prevent digging and chewing. The running total for the fence work is about 10k which included some very nice custom welded gates.

A bit extreme? Here’s the old fence, which is woefully inadequate. The coyote had just made an appearance in broad daylight. Grym had just chased it off and was fairly agitated still when I shot this with my camera. There is just brambles behind the fence at the very back of the property, something that the varmints are finding very hospitable apparently. Grym’s solution has been to jump this in the mornings and try to flush them out.

My valid concern is the neighbors lab/mastiff who is also one additional 3 ft fence jump away. They both have a passionate hatred of each other, and not from my lack of socializing attempts. I brought Grym to meet him several times when he was a puppy so they could get used to each other, but the mastiff is just an asshole in my opinion. That would be a nasty encounter now given their respective sizes, but so far I’ve been nearby when he tries this and the neighbor dog has been kenneled. By the way, each of my neighbors dogs have gotten into my yard multiple times before the fencing went up because their yards are not enclosed and the dogs are left to freely wander, so this really needs to happen for everyone’s safety.

The part I am really excited about, is the “play” run that we will build for the Shibas from the front yard back to the new double gate. I’m glad we kept the 6ft roll of chain link, because that will now become the border for the Shiba agility area which will also serve as a seperate place for puppies to play. We also bought some red stick dogwoods, laurel, and lavender to keep it pretty. I’m looking for a few Japanese maple and cherry trees to lend a Japanese flavor, and some Russian Sage so Grym isn’t left out 🙂

One thought on “New Projects for Naughty Shibas

  1. Sounds like a great plan to be proactive yet meet the needs of everyone but the coyotes. Can't wait to see the results. The fence that you put in is beautiful so this all sounds like a nice situation that blends the landscape well.

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