1st Season

Time to celebrate. Farrah has started her first season (heat), and it isn’t as bad as I thought. She’s doing a great job of staying clean on her own without bitch britches, and all the dogs are getting along well. Grym is a little obsessed with her, so they have contact thru the fence only currently due to his size and puppy boisterousness.

We’re going on day 4. She is going to stay with her auntie breeder on day 8 ish, or depending on if Ike begins to show a peaked interest. She has seperate spaces for her girls in season whereas my dogs are all together except when I’m gone, so it’s best she goes where she can be on her own to avoid any injuries. If she did stay here, days 9-21 ish would be full lockdown. Historically, Ike stops eating and starts whining, tries to get outside every 30 minutes and acts ridiculous whenever there is a girl in standing heat, so we don’t want to have to deal with that again anytime soon.

Ike and Farrah sittin’ in a tree…next to my clean laundry

Ike has made it his duty recently to be her constant companion and for the first time since she has come home, he has invited active play sessions (instead of just putting up with them), as has Beebe suprisingly. They are all very silly, very happy cheeky dogs right now.

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