Farrah’s First Nursing Home Visit

We went for a nice walk near an old military base. The dogs are getting very good about walking on lead in a bigger group. It was an enclosed area, so I let Beebe drag a leash. Farrah is so full of herself with so much drive, she caught the end of Beebe’s lead and took big sister for a walk instead. She was obviously very proud of herself.

A Veteran’s hospice/dementia care hospital was at the end of our walk. Farrah made her first guest appearance with some of the disabled soldiers. They were all happy to see such a pretty and well behaved little pup and they gave her pieces of chicken I brought with me. She made a beeline for one young gentleman who was just settling in on his first day in the nursing home. You could see he was a bit down and unsure of everything. His face lit right up and I was super pleased with her. She really showed some self control and only jumped up a few times, no mouthing, no grumbling, but always with a constant wag and licks. No pictures for privacy reasons, but I got to see a wonderful side of her today and at 5 months old, I would love to keep up this type of work with her as she grows. Grym gets to go next 🙂

3 thoughts on “Farrah’s First Nursing Home Visit

  1. It's a good thing there isn't BSL for therapy dogs, otherwise pits would be at the top of that list too. Grym should do really well with nursing home visits, people LOVE hugging him and he loves the attention.

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