Here’s Your Complimentary Giardia

That should be included on the purchase agreement for people who buy their dogs from puppy farms online. Maybe pet stores too.

I’m not saying that good breeding and show homes don’t have health issues or the rare parasite issue, especially where natural wildlife abounds or if there are dogs being boarded, but it’s almost presumed that dogs from mills will come to their new homes with said nasty bugs, “prolly from the breeder’s well water”. Yet people don’t seem bothered enough to be deterred from purchasing, especially when they are on an instant gratification free for all. Credit card + no common sense + lack of knowledge + no desire to learn = people who will just go and do it again because they have to have it now.

Maybe it will discourage people from buying from unholy puppy mills if their dog comes with a certificate that says, “I have luxating patella, and a wicked case of adult onset allergies that will require years of intensive management. I am $2500 and all of that money will definitely not be used to improve my parent’s living conditions or to treat their diseases.” I doubt it, then they would be “rescuing” it. I think it’s safe to say I learned my lesson with Beebe, but it’s upsetting to watch so many people fall into that trap repeatedly.

5 thoughts on “Here’s Your Complimentary Giardia

  1. Not that I don't agree entirely… but even great breeders see parasitic breakouts amongst their dogs, right? They just are upfront, and treat it?

  2. They certainly do, which I mentioned, but it just seems that at this point, with all the education and information available, people still make REPEAT purchases from the same questionable, unethical sources like online mills and pet stores who don't disclose and won't honor health agreements. It's confounding.

  3. Yes parasitic breakouts can happen, but rarely if sanitation is kept up to snuff with prompt clean up and the pups are in good care in a dry location with a decent clean water source. So with that said, agreed, "prolly" (Hah hah…have to spell out correctly here – PROBABLY – ) purchase seems more about remaining bull-headed ignorant so that immediacy can be fulfilled via a blind transaction. Reading and getting the right info. and taking the time to process it does not seem to be in vogue these days. Impetuous behavior overall is the norm and temper tantrums a side effect of denial. Agreed Giardia is a nasty parasite that vigorously can hang on and can be quite detrimental to long term health. There are cases where colitis can be a permanent life long issue after a nasty bout, even after treatment. As I have been told it does something destructive to the colon cell wall or cell proteins that make up the digestive tract. In any case at the very least it allows for a secondary infection invasion that creates very poor health overall.

  4. @ fuzzy, that guy is a total idiot and I agree with you.I heard the same thing about Parvo, causing leaky gut syndrome and lifetime GI issues. I had to bleach/pinesol EVERYTHING my rescue soiled on and was soo afraid the others would pick it up.

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