Ike Is Being a Naughty Boy

The other night I thought I heard Puppypants chewing on something forbidden, like antique wood furniture, so I ran to where the Shibas had congregated in the living room. Ike, my perfect little man, was happily gnawing on my antique chest.

This is VERY old photo of him at 1.5 years. His devilish good
looks and charm really help him to get away with near murder

I have no idea what possessed him. He is not a chewer and has never been destructive. He is a nibbler more than anything, especially with plush toys, which were all littered near him in abundance. Here I was blaming big Grym for digging holes to China in the flower beds, but I caught Ike mud handed recently. And, on Sunday, he was sitting in my lap and just casually lifted his head up and started nibbling the top of the antique butler table right in front of me.

Firstly, I have almost NEVER had to tell Ike the “no” word. With great hesitation and guilt, I said “Ike, no, that’s naughty” after catching him mid nibble. Oh boy did he have a melt down of silly rolling on his back, aroo-rooing, doing a million zoomies in tiny circles around my feet, and all kinds of crazy nonsense that had me in stitches. Seriously, how can I be mad at that?

I think this was an example of nibble-tory drift, but I am wondering if he just doesn’t feel VERY young, good, happy and healthy. He is the king of his castle, he gets awesome food, he gets tons of running and fresh air on the property and lots of chances to hunt for rodents. He is surrounded by two beautiful Shiba women and a giant groveling servant puppy who seek to appease his every whim. He also commands an army of human subjects who literally provide him with the food off their plates.

Even if he has regressed a bit with his manners, I am thrilled that all the dogs seem to have really benefited physically and mentally with the move to the new house. I just wish he would leave the antiques out of it 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ike Is Being a Naughty Boy

  1. Ike! try to be a better boy!Seriously though, I wonder if he is jealous with all the attention that the other dogs are getting? He is a very sensitive soul… as his is brother! (Pam)

  2. "Nibble-tory drift"… heh.He's just living up to the blog's name. What you name is what you'll get. 😉 He does sound like could be a little more appreciative though. I'm afraid I have no idea how to train for that.

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