Hare Today

I just made my first online purchase from Hare Today. From what I have heard, this is a good place for raw feeders to shop for whole prey items. They also have a variety of whole meat pieces, ground, organ mixes, and natural tooth brushes. With any luck, in 3 days (shipping was spendy from PA to WA so I did not buy what I can find here easier), the doggies will be enjoying some baby rabbits.

Additionally, I ordered some turkey drumsticks for big Grym, some chicken gizzards and feet for Shiba puppy, white fish and cod skins for fatty Beebe, and rabbit meat chunks for Ike. This should make a nice variety for what I already have on hand. I’m excited to see how they take to the whole rabbits.

I have a gut feeling (get it, gut) they will be enjoying these snacks in the yard or on the concrete. Mommy’s little predators 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hare Today

  1. We love Hare Today! Rugby especially loves the pinkies. They had disappeared for a while and finally came back so we ordered some before they were gone again. Bad news is…. they didn't send them to us. I think they must be out?? :/

  2. when i got whole prey: tsuki licked and licked and licked it, while kitsu ran around with it and then shook it and rolled on it. So I cut it into portions. hope yours do better! take pics!!

  3. I hope they like the pinky rabbits. They have done ok eating whole things before. I don't look forward to chopping up the bunnies if they won't eat them whole. There will definately be pictures tho no matter what.

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