Pictures of my Little Loves

For whatever reason, I just don’t seem to snap as many of Beebe as I do the others, so the last pic is over a year old and at our old house. That was the summer where she had grown the nicest coat of her life at that point, after being on allergy meds and shots. Every day after that, her coat has only gotten nicer. Ike and the puppies are so photogenic, I can’t stop taking photos of them. Ike is just over 3 years old and dropping his coat in these pictures, Grym is 8 months, puppy is 4 months, and Beebe is 2 years.

5 thoughts on “Pictures of my Little Loves

  1. I find I take more pics of Buckley than the shibas… I guess I have a favorite? Probably, but I'm sticking to the "shibas aren't at my heels 24/7" theory :)You have adorable dogs – all four of them!

  2. I love her too. It's so bad. I'm determined to see her get adopted though… 😉 We'll see. I can't get a good picture of her because she's just a black blur in most of them. Otherwise, I'd have loads by now. She's so beautiful.

  3. I can definitely see what you mean about Beebe's resemblance to the Mino Shibas from that last pic!Puppy-pup with Grym looks so nice. When you first posted that one "breathtaking" picture of Baby Farrah, I didn't realize she was yours because I thought this was a 2-Shiba + CO home. Lucky you! I'm a little behind on the story here. And blog titles are misleading! *laugh* Not sure what I'll do if/when we ever add more to the pack, as I hope we'll be in a position to do someday…

  4. Sorry MC, I think I sometimes intentionally make misleading blog titles, so it isn't your imagination. I'm also intentionally not writing much or posting many "nice" pictures of puppy. You can email me if you want more details, but it basically has to do with me not wanting to get too attached to her.There will definately be more Shibas here, I love the breed, but I don't want to jinx myself by giving too much away, ya know? Also, there are some nasty Shiba people in the area who thrive on a) making things up, and b) wishing harm to people who don't believe what they do. Sucks, but hopefully they can get over it.

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