4 thoughts on “Video of Beebe’s First NAFA Flyball Tournament

  1. Thanks! She is a great little worker.@ PupChow: Although she is a typical Shiba in that she is very reactive, protective of her personal space and quick to pick things up, she is very driven to work for reward and everything we do is based on chaining, shaping, play+prey drive, and lots of positive associations. The highest praise we have recieved to date was at her first fun match, from an obedience judge who trials GSD and other working dogs, remarking what a good little worker Beebe was, and that has certainly remained very true these last 2 years. I wonder if I will ever find another Shibas as biddable as this little back yard breeder dog has been, when she leaves me.It's hard to see in this video, but I was "catching" her at the end with a laser pen. That was her reward. More recently I started using pieces of rabbit or raccoon fur braided into a more traditional fleece tug. She tugs like a german shepherd at this point with tons of drive. She will keep working for these and an occasional treat until she physically can't go any more, because she wants to, she has fun, and also because that's what she knows. Shibas can be so incredibly smart and driven, it knocks my socks off. I honestly believe that as an individual dog of this breed, she is quite unique in that she is a puzzle solving genius. Everything is one giant game for her to figure out and she takes so much delight in working for her rewards.It has taken 1 year since we started training for Flyball to earn her 2 titles, but she started learning how to learn since puppyhood when she was busy dismantling her puzzle toys to get the food inside. I learned very early on that this was a dog who needed a trade or a job. We went on to basic obedience, moved on to competition level, then went to rally and agility, where she excells. Those skills she learned eventually evolved into what became her foundation skills for an even more refined sport-Flyball. Training was only difficult in the sense that she is particular about her space (Flyball is an off lead, close contact team sport), and she is very independent and needs to have a reason to work. As long as I follow thru with rewards she will try anything.

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