Ox Tails and Eggs (and Adorable Puppy Pics)

Ox tails may be my new favorite natural tooth cleaner. Turkey necks are great, but this little beefy by product is pretty darn nice too. This was from the grass fed baby beef we bought a while back. The fat is so yellow.

Grym likes raw meaty bones.

Ike likes it.

Beebe likes it. She can sit so pretty.

Puppy’s first raw meaty bone. She has had raw snippets here
and there, but this was a great puppy size big snack for
her. She did regurg it as soon as she came inside however,
and Beebe ate the regurg in a nano-second. Oh well.


Ike likes the fresh eggs, the yolks are almost orange from
eating grass and bugs.

Beebe gets an egg also.
How I keep 5 dogs from stealing each others raw stuff.
We call this the dog trot, the covered walkway between
the house and garage. It is super easy to gate off portions
of it. Ike is in the Keyhole, or the outside puppy safety pen
where they can see, smell and hear outside things without
getting lost or injured while I do chores. It’s also very easy to
bleach and clean.


The natural order of things. Shiba wins in post raw playtime.

6 thoughts on “Ox Tails and Eggs (and Adorable Puppy Pics)

  1. Does your mom's dog eat raw too? I gotta say – the thought of feeding all those dogs raw is really daunting, but you master it like a champ! Bravo Lindsay!!

  2. When he's here, about 3 days a week, I "cook" for him in that I make his food. He eats what the Shibas do when he's here. I wish mom would do raw at home, but she is undergoing cancer treatment and chemo and they don't want her to handle raw, so I try to fix it for him as much as possible. He really likes green tripe. I think he's 15 by now. More pictures to come.

  3. Wait, you have a puppy too?? Agreed, more puppy pictures are needed.Last time our dogs got raw ox tail, the Basenji rejected it after a few bites and the Shiba gorged himself and then ended up chewing his paws bloody after he had shown several weeks of improvement with his summer allergies. I don't think my sheeb does so well on beef… bah.Oxtail soup has been one of my favorite winter comfort foods in the past. I myself eat less red meat now, while my dogs get more [meat in general]. Funny how that works out.

  4. Great pictures! I feed Saya raw and she loves it. Really helps her move around especially the chicken feet.. lolAnyways I enjoy your blog very informative and nice to read. I'd love to do agility or something with my next shiba or nihon ken.Saya can't do it competitively due to certain things, but we do weave poles and jumps and soon tunnel for fun she enjoys it.

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