Foothills Trail Hike

I took both boys on a very rainy and blustery walk on a new trail a few miles from home. As Grym gets older I find I need to adjust his activities to meet his energy level so that he keeps socialized and doesn’t become bored. Daily outings away from the yard are essential, which I try to alternate with visits to stores and training classes. He is very much a gentleman when inside with us, and I don’t want to loose that by keeping him out in a yard on his own all day. That would be the fastest way to an unhappy unmanagable adult guardian, likely true for any breed at that.

Foothill Trail head, very wet and rainy. We met 6 people, in umbrellas
and trench coats. Grym was curious but very polite, taking Ike’s lead.
They are great walking partners as Ike is super mellow and calm all the
time. Grym and Beebe tend to make a very reactive walking duo on
the other hand as he takes cues from Beebe as well (she is a spooky dog).

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