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  1. A couple years ago, we found out we had a dog park here called Pawster Park which is part of Foster Park. We decided to check it out and drove over there. We let Sami and Miko meet some of the dogs through the fence. You have to pay $25 a year per pet and they get a tag they wear and you get the combination to the lock to let you in. Well, before we decided to do this, we had an incident down at the park area where we live that made us rethink it. Sami and Miko have never shown aggression towards any dogs or people and they are generally interested in other dogs as long as they are also on a leash and are allowed to just get close enough to check each other out. Well, we were walking them in the 3 acre park area by our house when the Westie that lives across the street got loose and came over. Frankie was just a puppy and was all over them. Sami and Miko were so freaked out, I swear they were trying to fly to keep away from him. I finally had to hold both leashes so my daughter could catch him and take him back home.So, from that experience, I just have this feeling that they would just be freaked out if put in a situation where other dogs are just allowed to get all up in their face like that.

  2. Some people live in a very black and white world…Unfortunately, it also sucks to try and explain anything to people like that, because there's nothing to explain — they're right, and you're wrong.I've often found the most aggressive creatures at dog parks to be humans. =(

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