Kong Chew Resistant Bed

Not impressed.

I’m glad it was on sale, because it did not hold up to 1 hour of Grym. I have to admit, that he was likely bored and he probably would have left it alone had he been given more things to occupy himself with (bad owner). I get fooled into thinking he is flawless as he is generally so good, and I let my guard down in regards to giving him lots of freedom. That’s when I walk into the back yard one day and find the flower beds destroyed or nearly break my ankle stumbling thru a giant crater in the middle of the lawn, or stab myself on one of Grym’s Toothpicks.

More about that: he goes foraging for tree limbs in the tolgie woods at the back of the property and drags them up to the house to gnaw while he surveys the land. Tree limbs and trunks, full fledged logs, demolished to toothpick sized pieces in a matter of minutes. I guess that’s his version of whittling sticks and ruminating, although it’s kind of hard to guess what he would have to ponder, possibly something to do with defense against rodents. Plain and simple, he is almost a rotten adolescent and I need to give him more to do.

In the morning, we are off to explore the Foothills Trail, just he and I and one of the Shibas. Right now, he is enjoying his giant rubber kongs (which do hold up well), and some Tuffies, the Purple Octo and Red bone. At this point, I can’t take them (all 5), together at once as my car is just too tiny, so I do my best to divide walks morning and evening in pairs.

2 thoughts on “Kong Chew Resistant Bed

  1. So – in regards to training such a breed, being amongst the livestock isn't enough, you have to occupy him as you would have to a companion dog as well? Tricky 🙂

  2. Jen, I am learning as time goes by that although he is fairly "easy" and low key, he is still a puppy and does do boredom chewing/digging. He is much easier to live with when he gets his exercise and can have toys inside to occupy him so he doesn't do the usual naughty puppy stuff. Basically the fastest way to an unruly, dangerous, out of control adult guardian is to cloister them away from people, even if they have their flock. I do want him to guard, but not at that expense. He needs to be with the family, it's a much stronger drive for him than anything, and I am so glad there is almost always somebody here so we can provide that. He also has to spend time with the Shibas and is VERY bothered if they are doing something where he can't see or participate in. Shiba playtime is one of his biggest rewards 🙂

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