Beebe and Grym have important news

I know it’s been awhile, but we have been busy. Beebe went to her very first Flyball tournement and ran both days with her team The Seattle Flydogs. NAFA and the Casdcade Comets hosted it at Argus Ranch. Each day for us consisted of about 4 heats per team, with 4-5 races each heat. Although we weren’t very fast, we did have many good clean runs which earned us enough points to place in our division, and better yet, Beebe the Shiba Inu earned her Flyball Dog title (FD). In addition to her CGC, she now has an official working title. There were 13ish Shibas listed as having ever earned that title since the sports’ appearance, and most no longer run that I am aware of. What a huge accomplishment for such a spunky little dog that has space issues. She also earned her personal best time of 6.5 seconds if I read correctly.
Beebe works best for her laser pointer, better than food. Here she is looking for it.

I am trying to focus her attention on the ball. It was pouring outside and the tennis balls quickly became coated in mud. Beebe had a hard time seeing them. Now she has her own set of “Beebe Balls” which are sparkling clean for tournement use only.

Moments before our heat
There is a great video of one of the races, but it’s only viewable if you can log on to Facebook. I will post my own poorer quality vids as soon as I can.
Grym’s news, is that he had his very first dog show thru IABCA. He earned an SG1, the highest rating for a puppy. The judge remarked that he had excellent breed type. He went on to earn a #2 placement in his Group. He cleans up nice 🙂
Ike recently attended the NSCA Shiba National Specialty, our first. We did not place, but we had fun and he was such a good (handsome) boy. He got to hang out with some of his favorite people, Pam Carlson from Shiba rescue, and the Shiba twins Ariel and Piper who took these lovely photos.
I never tire of looking at his lovely face and seeing that spectacular twinkle in his eyes

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