Wilkommen zu Die Henne Haus

I hope my German is readable, but just in case I mistranslated, “Welcome to the Hen House!”

The Hen Hut
I’ve been told that chickens have modest needs, so I converted an old pioneer shack on the property into chicken quarters. Yep, fall is here and the chicken digs was built just in time for a torrential downpour concentrated directly above my house. They would have been simply soaked and miserable outside in the tractor.
Grym likes it inside the Hen Hut
I paid a $150 visit with Grym to Del’s Feed and Farm supply for wood shavings and chickenwire, and 1/2 a day later, we had our fancy shack. The dirt floor is lined completely with chickenwire, and the busted out windows wire lined as well. The electric hookup will be nice during the dark months, and allow me to warm their water. Nesting boxes and perches are soon to follow. Also, a doorknob would be nice I guess…
He thinks the chicken feed and poo are manna and sweet ambrosia

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