Flyball Demo

Shiba Flyball HQ

Here is my much belated report on our first public Flyball appearance. Ike and Beebe were awesome, Beebe was steady as a rock for her runs. It was at an outdoor Petapalooza with several thousand people in attendance. I saw 5 or so other Shibas, and Pam Carlson’s boy Eli (who is Ike’s brother) came to try out for the team, hooray! He did great considering he is still a puppy.

Eli ponders the Ball Loader (whatever a Ball Loader is, it doesnt sound good right?)
Eli conquers without fear!
Shibas give good attention when they want to
Eli can fetch!
As I was saying, when they want to they can do anything
He’s a natural agility Shiba
Not bad for a try out, when he’s old enough, he will surely make the team.

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