Grym and the Chicken Tractor

Yep, Granddad Tompkins would be proud. I made my own very simple mobile chicken coop based on a design from a 1920’s Handy Farm Devices model, using mostly recycled or scrapped parts. It’s called a Chicken Tractor as the wheels (not yet installed) allow the coop and hens to be safely ranged on new areas of grass each day. I liked how fast and uncomplicated this was to put together, so I want to build another much nicer tractor. I still need to put in enclosed nesting boxes on one end, preferablly built in a manner that will enable me to lock them in at night off the ground in case of digging varmints.

The baby hens seem to really enjoy the safety of it, and Grym likes sleeping next to it. He is about 15-16 weeks old now and is a wonderful guardian already. He is outside about 90% of the time now at his choosing. He positions himself by the door in the dog trot under our bedroom windows at night and has full view of the property and birds. He seems to prefer this and acts uncomfortable and antsy when invited inside. He is currently in his 3rd week of puppy classes and has gone to some handling classes as well. Hopefully he will be ready for his first match this weekend.

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