Our Big News

So while I’m on my lunch break, I might as well post a more detailed update. I bought my first house! It’s an acre in Puyallup, it’s nice, flat and shady, and park-like. There is sufficient space for a garden, chickens, quails and Shibas, probably a diary goat at some point too, maybe rabbits if I can spare the time. The fencing still needs some maintenance, and there are a lot of cleanup projects on the lot, a ton of blackberries and overgrowth but it’s clearing up nicely.

The Shibas vs Mayor Goldie

The next fun purchase was some chickens, to go with the quail. Now we all know how reliable and trustworthy Shibas can be around small feathered creatures and the like 😉 There was also a big concern about rodents, cats and pests bothering the babies too. I wanted to go the au natural way and avoid traps or poison, so my cousin brought me her rooster, which we named Mayor Goldie (from Back to the Future). Goldie is great and all, but I had some major concerns about the small dogs safety, and my own as well. In reality, a mean rooster affords little comfort during dark country nights with thoughts of coyotes and prowlers on the brain.

Baby Grym at 6 weeks

The next serious purchase after this realization, was of a livestock and property guardian dog. A huge challenge was finding a large powerful dog with presence that had the best chance of staying collected and calm around often snarky Shibas. Therefore, a dog that was bred to have good judgement, a good working temperament, a strong guarding instinct, and that can remain calm and excellent with the family was essential. LGD type dogs are known to be extremely devoted to their families, but some breeds have higher prey drive and may not be as inclined to tolerate any other dogs, especially strange dogs (or chicken chasing Shibas.)

Baby Grym with the flock, 12 weeks
So, after a lot of thinking, planning and discussions with neighbors, breeders and the family, I opted on a Caucasion Ovcharka. I am most optimistic with this choice given that I know of CO who are actively used as dog gaurdians among their other jobs (and they are run with Shiba!) Grym, my new boy, is now about 12 weeks old. He is so different from the Shibas, night and day.
My too most favorite furry guys, Grym 9 weeks, Ike 3yrs
Every morning and evening Grym goes with me, off lead, to tend the birds, and take care of outside chores. His outdoor area is directly beside the birds and Shiba runs, so he’s getting familiar with their routines, and with what he should and shouldn’t do when he’s around them. He loves Ike, and Ike is teaching him about respecting the Shiba space bubble. He also loves Beebe, but she is very coy with him and snarks if he touches her. Although Grym is polite with the Shibas, he views Buddy the ancient Pom as a curiosity to pounce on, and thusly, Grym has to be supervised with Buddy. My plan is give Grym the run of the perimeter area with the birds (when he’s older and matured), with the Shibas in their yard or in the house. He has done very well on our outings to the hardware store, to work with me, to Grandmas house, to the Vet, and to handling classes. I’ve had as many visitors over as possible, and the neighbors too with their dogs. I’m shocked at how nice this has been with this puppy, for now at least 😉 I’ve got big plans for this boy, the Shibas, and our new house.

6 thoughts on “Our Big News

  1. I didn't know you were getting one of the co's!! Congrats on the house as well. BTW, a new member on the forum was looking for breeders in the PNW – I told him to contact you for some guidance.

  2. We also have a 9.5 month old CO puppy who acts like Clifford the Big Red Dog. They are a wonderful but challenging breed and definitely not for everyone. Did you get your puppy from the breeder in MT, KS, CA, or OH? We got ours from Courageous Caucasians in MT.

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