The Buddy System Worked in Kindergarten, How About with Shibas?

A day at Dash Point beach. A 50 ft tracking lead gives them a little freedom to run, that is as long as they don’t move more than 50 ft away from each other. It works as long as both dogs are reliable with great recalls since they like to be with each other. It is not advisable if there are other dogs or people or if your dogs are not responsive to voice command.

Sort of looks like a smiley face 🙂
Handsome Ike and itchy Beebe in their Ruffwear harnesses
Showing off their log climbing skills
Eli (Ike’s happy little brother), Ike (announcing his presence) and Beebe
Finally! A group photo of a bunch of curly tails. Pictured are Pam’s Eli and Penny, along with my two.

Tell me what you think!

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