Dominance and Dog Training

Here is a great article regarding the Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s preference for use of positive training techniques instead of out-moded Pack Leader and dominance/alpha compulsion training. I think it’s important for Shiba owners, well all dog owners but for spitz and ancient and primitve breeds especially, to use positive training methods, and never punishment based training. Learn more about Dominance vs NILIF, or Nothing in Life is Free.

2 thoughts on “Dominance and Dog Training

  1. I'm finding that all of the types of dogs I have fostered/worked with (spitz, terriers, hounds, etc) all are incredibly responsive to positive based training and all are sensitive to compulsion/harsher type training. I've always thought of it as: of you can take two routes to end at the same means to an end- one is harsh and one is rewarding, why wouldn't you take the rewarding route?

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