The Holistic Vet

Beebe and Ike (and I) have a consultation with Dr. Sodhi, at the Animal Wellness Center This will be my first experience consulting with a Holistic Vet, so I’m fairly excited.

I spoke at length with the receptionist just to make sure our goals jived. They seem knowledgeable, friendly and on board with raw feeding and the use of alternative medicines for total body health. They also mentioned vaccine titers when I asked about shots. I am specifically seeking some assistance with formulating a good diet for the dogs using fresh real food instead of kibble.

For Beebe, I want to learn how to better manage her immune disorder and keep her at a good working weight. I also want to establish a good relationship with a vet having knowledge of sports medicine, rehab and acupuncture/pressure as she will be working more in Agility/Flyball and I worry about any potential injuries she might sustain. For Ike, I am mostly seeking general raw vs cooked diet counseling and which would be best for him and his gentle tummy. The consult promises to be interesting no doubt.

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