Flyball Announcements and Spam

Hear ye, hear ye! Beebe the Shiba Inu has graduated flyball training in a short course of 14 weeks. We will be doing a demo day with the team in May, so if there are any fans, please feel free to come and watch in person. Here are the videos I promised from today. I rev her up on the first clip, and in the second, a dog jumps her lane and she goes off track but recovers on the retry:

4 thoughts on “Flyball Announcements and Spam

  1. There are 3 Bostons on the team now. They are crazy fast. Today was a really good day at practice for the Beebester, not so much for Ike. He SLOWLY trotted over and sat down on the box during a retrieve like it was his own little throne. We took it as a sign that he's just too good for everybody and he is now our team Mascot instead.

  2. yep crazy like my Kitsune. last practice the ball must have bounced on her nose, cuz it flew behind the loader. kits ran off to find the ball, got it and then managed a wide turn back over the first jump and home. was awesome. she has been to 2 competitions and has 31 points.

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