Beebe is a Superdog

Ike is offended that I took this picture of him having
prissy paws, like his counterpart “Miso”

She earned it, I am so thrilled that she enjoys Flyball so much. This is the next level of her training, so now we will focus on passing other dogs doing runs and accuracy. It has been so much fun (and extremely trying) to work with this dog because she continues to be a very hard little worker, but at the same time, VERY Shiba-tuded. It’s an awesome challange to try and out think a determined Shiba. Notice I said “try”. Our AWFUL photo of her training promotion: http://http//

We have had a Flyball breakthrough with Ike. He has decided retrieving at practice can be just as fun as doing it at home where there aren’t any witnesses to back me up. It has taken months for him to take to this directed retrieve business (which is an entirely different animal than play retrieving). To connect it all to the box and to help allieviate any hesitation he had stepping on the box to pick up a dead ball, I was suprised that the instructors suggested a game of laser chase (his all time favorite thing).

Ike thought it was stupendous fun running up and hitting the box while the teach baited him with the light. Then, like a Harvard professor, the teach aimed the light on the subject, the dead ball, and to my utter amazement, Ike gingerly took the ball in his mouth and returned it ALL THE WAY to me. OMG, wow, hallelujiah, I hope he retains this. Oh, and he only works for his little green squeaky Kong ball, just like a Shiba, picky about the particulars.

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