Our Cow is Here! Hooray!

1 of the 6 boxes full of flesh

Well, here she is, 287lbs of her processed and wrapped in old-timey butcher paper. Yep, 6 large boxes containing 78lbs of ground beef, 1 heart, 1 tongue, 2 kidney, 4 bags of chew bones, 1 tail, 6 liver packages, a Kagillion short ribs, steaks, roasts, chuck, etc, all grass fed, no antibiotics, open pastured, and humanely slaughtered on site.

5 thoughts on “Our Cow is Here! Hooray!

  1. To clarify, this cow was not a personal pet. It was raised on a family farm, and humanely slaughtered by the farm owner (which was not myself). Comment moderation is now on folks.

  2. No, the butcher wouldn't sell the tripe because they can only sell human grade (which is good). Oh my gosh, the meat is sooo fresh, it smells like cow. Ike is a very happy eater lately! It's a nice addition to the food rotation and should hopefully last thru the year on ice.

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