Flexi leads and Shiba

I admit that I use a flexi lead when I walk my dogs, not always, one at a time, not in busy traffic or anything, but usually during the more subdued times of the day (5am, midmorning). Normally I prefer a heavy duty ribbon style 15+ ft for 25-50lb dogs and I have a nylon loop that I secure around my wrist. The darn plastic handles are slippery if the dog suddenly lunges and the heavy reel can scare the dog if it’s dropped causing them to bolt.

Yesterday for Shiba walkies I grabbed my older flexi with the 20+ ft string line instead of using old reliable. Now that I have been showing, I am more on pins and needles about any sort of potential injury to the dogs that may damage their coats. Ike’s hot spot from last August FINALLY filled in, as had Beebe’s bite wound. Little did I know that string line flexis uber suck regarding rope burn, as it kept wrapping around myself and Ike’s feet and getting caught in his tail sickle, only to whip back around like a broken bandsaw and smack him in the face. Definately a thumbs down on this flexi variety.

Tell me what you think!

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