Show Scene: Western Washington Cluster

6 months ago, I entered my very first pointed dog show with my very first show dog, Ike, a Shiba Inu as most of you know. I had taken handling classes for a few months by then and gone to matches, but was still a horrible nervous wreak. 6 months later, I returned to the same venue as a (slightly) more experienced handler, a year exactly from the time I had watched my first dog show in person. I believe the differences from that day 6 months ago to this January show are profound. I’m not saying I’m great at it or anything, but at least this time (hopefully) I looked like I knew what I was doing a little more. Well, I managed to attract a fan and fellow Shiba newby anyway who was kind enough to share these pictures of us from last month…And please ignore my giant gams, it’s all the camera angle I swear.

Ike looks so naked while he stands at attention. He was totally out of coat.

Ike says, “Pick me! I’m a good boy.”

Ike is Winners Dog in the best of breed lineup, his brother Mr. Jones (bred by Leslie Engen) is to my right

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