Excited for our cow to arrive!

I relocated some of the items I don’t use much to make room in my
freezer until she gets here. I didn’t want to toss all the kibble nor the meaty bones.
You gotta be careful giving these kind of thick meaty bones or they can chip teeth.
Did you know quail eggs freeze really well?
Eh, was that a cow you say? Indeed it was, but she will be dead. I upgraded and bought a freezer chest last week for a song, and what better to fill it with than food for the dogs? Yesterday little Bessie the beef cow went to heaven in a humane way on her farm, and she dressed out at about 350 lbs of prime grass fed free range, antibiotic and hormone free, home grown beef. My parents are taking some of the ground and choice cuts (she came from a friend my mom works with) but I specifically requested organs, tongue, heart and tail, along with some prime cuts, no ground. She should fill the locker nicely. I can’t wait till she gets here, I’ve been waiting for ever.

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