My poor neglected blog!

Oy vey, here are the updates.

Ike just wrapped up a weekend at the Western Washington Dog Show Cluster and came away with a small win. The competition was amazing, and I learned a TON about handling thanks to my generous mentors.

To celebrate, I picked up a Pawtrekker dog scooter to help us all get in shape for the new year. I have occasionally biked with the dogs and gone with them on my smaller, less fancy Diggler scooter, but have long coveted the Pawtrekker for it’s more robust frame (like mine), and the anti-death brush bow in front that keeps the gangline from acting like a stick in the spokes. Ike knows what to do and ventures forth without hesitation at the front of the line like a miniature Balto. Beebe wants to heel next to it, and let me do all the pushing, the lazy beast.
I’m going to try and get some pictures of us in action, a forewarning that it won’t be pretty watching me huff and puff while my dogs give me dirty looks for slowing them down. But hey, I’m so convinced of this breeds versatility, that I don’t mind looking like an idiot from time to time.

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