Beebe’s Christmas Letter

Beebe after her allergy testing

“Dear Relatives,

Thank you for giving me table scraps, bread, butter, and fatty pieces of roast and steak. It was a nice Christmas gift. I never get those things and it’s just what I always wanted.


In return, Beebe’s gift to me this Christmas, was a colitis flare. For two nights she has woken me up with panting, trembling, and screaming to get outside, for THE WORST DIARRHEA EVER (mucous and water, not much blood). I took her to get bloodwork, made her NPO, and I hope to God she doesn’t have pancreatitis. So, at 5am I had the pleasure of cooking up some brown rice and chicken broth for her first meal in a day. Her abdomen isn’t painful and she acts fairly spunky, she wants to eat and drink, so I’m not too worried. We will be visiting the Vet again on Monday for her lab work.

No matter how much improvement in her health I see while she takes her Interferons, her allergy injections, and eats her carefully prepared raw diet, I shouldn’t rest on my laurels. At the heart of it all remains an unhealthy dog with a bad immune system.

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