Good Citizen Ike: another CGC

Ike passed his Canine Good Citizen test last night. Of course, I have believed all along that he was a very good boy and worthy of the title. This was more of an affirmation of his good breeding. Unlike Beebe, Ike was bred to be a total package: he is a wonderful companion, with a stable temperament, great health and good looks to boot. I basically walked into the test on the spur of the moment with little preparation and let him be himself.
This was a very different experience in complete contrast to Beebe’s CGC experience. It had taken 2 years of preparation to get her to that point. I worked very hard to get and keep her attention, and it was immensely gratifying to have her pass the test because it had been such a challenge the entire way. The greatest reward for her was not the certificate we received, but me being able to bring her with me to work and feeling more free to go onto other types of activities such as Flyball, Agility and Rally.

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