The Allure of a Rare Breed

In discussing the rarest of the Nihon Ken, the 6 native Japanese spitz breeds of which the Shiba is the most popular (and least rare), I see them all to be alluring, beautiful, intelligent and powerful dogs. Yes, even the Shiba Inu has a lot of power in that small body. I love their tails, I love their smarts, I love their natural grace and the prick ears. It is soooo easy to get swept up in the mystique and natural beauty when seeing these dogs. It’s tempting to go, “I want one. It’s unique, I’m unique, a unique dog would make me look good and people will certainly want one for themselves.” I will be the first to admit that I want all of them. However…

Personally, I can’t condone the sacrifices in ethical breeding it would require to produce the beautiful rarest Nihonken, just because they are rare and wonderful to look at. Good breeding practices must still apply, otherwise it’s just another repeat of what happened to Shiba and Akita when they first were brought to the states.

Tell me what you think!

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