Bartering for Raw

A friend who fishes for crab and salmon had some really interesting goodies for us. I guess it’s more like “byproducts” of fishing, and we all know how bad byproducts are…except if you’re a dog, then byproducts are just what you need.

We got an entire bowl of raw Salmon Roe, fresh from the source. It’s is mostly sold here as fishing bait, but is a delicacy elsewhere. Called “Red Caviar” and eaten raw, salmon eggs contain tons of Omegas and essential fatty acids that can be lacking in raw diets. In Japan, I believe they make dishes with Red Caviar called Sujiko and Ikura. It’s cured with salt, which this stuff wasn’t, and given the risk of Salmon poisoning that is prevalent in Pacific Northwest fish, I gently steamed the eggs for our consumption.
A little brown rice, some Nori, the bright red eggs all topped with some homegrown quail eggs and it was a veritable byproduc feast. The dogs were huge fans.

3 thoughts on “Bartering for Raw

  1. Thank you. I'm sure the dogs enjoyed it more than I did. I think I will have my Caviar served chilled and cured or raw from now on vs steaming it. It's a lot of fun finding native and strange things for them to eat, but at the same time, I realize that I wouldn't be able to put as much thought into this for more than 3-4 dogs tops.

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