It’s ok to ask questions!

So, as a dog lover, Shiba Inu friend, ethical human being, etc, what would you do if you ran across an ad, like this one?

“Shiba pups for sale:
We have a red and a black and tan pups for sale.They have first and second round of shots and are ready to go to good homes.We are asking $800. They are ACA registrable and come with a 3 generation pedigree.If you are interested call (x) and (y). You can email as well with any question at (their email). “

Also, there is a picture of a Shiba puppy being held with a cage bank in the background that has other puppies in it, the type that is found in pet store windows.

Am I blind, or does this ad scream “foul play!” regarding bad breeding. There are signs that a) money is most important, b) the parents were from petstores, and c) they know very little about the breed in general.

This was my query:

“Parents are Champions? I also assume they are perfect breed representatives and have undergone health testing (OFA, CERF, PennHip)? They’ll also come with a lifetime health guarantee? And I’m sure the parents are not from petstores and that you have spent years working to improve the breed and keep them out of shelters.”

Was I too critcal, cynical and unfair in asking these basic, basic questions to a total stranger who is advertising as a breeder? It was brought up to me that this may be the case by some members of my meetup group. Should I have instead written, “OMG, what a cute puppy! Can I have one? Are they all taken yet? Are they good with cats? It’s so awesome that you have all those puppies! I just love puppies. Here’s $800 cash. Welcome to the meetup group.”

I frequently find myself questioning people’s intentions and ethics more and more the longer that I have the privaledge of working with this breed (and dogs in general). I suppose I am starting to sound a little jaded, a little tired of repeating myself over and over, and possibly I’m sounding downright nasty.

But dang it! I’m super frustrated dealing with stupid, stupid owners and their lack of basic knowledge about their dogs, their personal unwillingness to learn, and the resulting high number of dogs in shelters and rescues because of dip shits like this seller perpetuating it all!

My, what a rant that was. I feel better for the moment. Happy Holidays, everyone, give your dogs a big hug, a good walk, and a nice healthy treat, they deserve it!

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5 thoughts on “It’s ok to ask questions!

  1. I think I went through this too.. I would want to respond to every yahoo question of "i want a shiba inu" and every craigslist shiba puppy ad and even confronted a local woman breeding her pet store shibas in person (that was interesting!) I question so much in the breeding world, even the generally acceptable breeding world. Even people soon to be breeders (of what, 3 breeds?) that have a loyal following. I just do not see how much of the acceptable and all of the unacceptable breeding practices are in the individual dog's best interest, and as a rescuer and shelter worker, thats where my heart is entirely – individual canine welfare. I'm at a point where I do not know how to trust and support any of it. Shelters will never close, so thats where my support is and where I feel most comfortable in my support. Unfortunately, as my husband tells me, we (you and I, Lindsay!) have a more unique perspective on the dog as more than an expendable breeding machine and more than "just" a dog. There are probably a thousand people on the "just" a dog side to every one of us appreciators, protectors, preservers. So, if you feel compelled to question the ethics of these people – DO IT! I'm not sure anyone else will!

  2. I absolutely agree that it's ok to ask questions. I am also a member & organizer of a Shiba Inu meetup group and while everyone is pretty friendly and the majority of our Shibas are all well socialized, we do have a few members who are *probably* BYBs. Now, that being said – Shibas are a breed that might be better off in a backyard breeding facility for the human socialization (rather than a big breeding facility with a bunch of pens). So, for me – the name "backyard breeder" is a bit of a misnomer. I can "accept" such a breeder as long as the breeder shows, doesn't excessively breed their dogs (2-3 litters during the lifetime of the bitch) and does all of the precautionary screening of their dogs before breeding.My difficulties with a few of our members is that I don't want to be preachy (it's a Meetup group for the love of the breed & breed socialization), but since I also help out with rescue and a "Shiba snob" – it's so difficult to turn the other cheek and not make some type of comment about getting their dogs fixed. In an open discussion about pups for sale, I don't think you did anything wrong. And, I don't think anyone should've criticized you – it was a public forum and you should ask away!

  3. Lindsay, you're absolutely positively RIGHT to ask questions. I deal with the same stuff all the time. We have a couple of really awful Shiba breeders in the area that many of the people in my local meetup group got their dogs from. I walk the same line that Masako talks about. I'm the meetup organizer, so I don't want to alienate members. However being so involved in rescue and also being in the NSCA and knowing many good breeders personally, makes it hard for me to not grab people by the shoulders and shake them.On the upside though, I have had private conversations with more than a handful of meetup members that I talked into going to rescue or reputable breeders and I've talked a few more into spay/neuter instead of breeding their pet store dogs. Sometimes it feels like the onslaught of the non-informed will never stop, but you have to keep trying. The few people you do manage to educate will make a difference, especially if they end up educating others also!

  4. Thanks everyone, I believe that breed education is so important. I need to remember that people won't listen to me at all about seeking reputable sources of rescue or breeder, if I immediately come at em with a broomstick, going "Shoo, shoo go on, we don't want your kind here."

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